Ellen Dahl: At the Edge of Place (2019) Single channel HD video with sound. 6’55”

Currently on display until January 26th 2020 at The LockUp, Newcastle Australia as part of the exhibition All Things Are Water


Australian Centre for Photography Sydney
23 August - 26 October 2019

For the exhibition Light Matter, guest curators Yvette Hamilton and Ellen Dahl present recent works by eight Sydney, lens-based artists. The current democratisation of image-making, where everyone is a photographer, has renewed discussions on artistic authorship and intensified the creative possibilities of lens-based practice.

Dean Cross, Ellen Dahl, Lucas Davidson, Yvette Hamilton, Elena Papanikolakis, Ioulia Terizis, Garry Trinh and Amanda Williams have considered the dynamics between the viewer, the artist and the photographic medium. In their innovative approaches to process and materiality — analogue, digital, hybrid or camera-less — these artists affirm that centrality of ‘the author’ is definitely not dead.